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Setting Goal in Losing Weight

May 1, 2009

losing weight
Setting goal is the right step in losing weight. But the question is how to setting the right goal? I always meet the people who set unrealistic goal (like losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks). And also meet the people that don’t how to set the goal, the ideal weight for theirself.

At first, you need to know your ideal weight, look at my last post: Know your ideal weight for learn about BMI (Body Mass Index). Knowing your ideal weight is the first step in losing weight. Know how much you need to lose. Not knowing your goal is like racing a car without finish line.

After know your clear goal, you should make the deadline. What time you will gain it. The natural is losing 2-3 pounds per week, calculate the number of weeks you need to lose your extra pounds.

But, it’s not enough. You need ACTION. Yes, this is the important part. Choose the right diet program for yourself, eat the right and healthy food, exercise, or everything that will make losing weight with healthy and fast.

Then you need something to make yourself in the right direction. The thing you need is called diet diary, record all your weight loss activities (it must contain food you eat, beverage you drink, exercise, diet program you follow, etc). It will help you to analyze and make correction as you go.

At last, the important at all is Positive Thinking. Believe yourself that you can gain your ideal weight as soon as possible.


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