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Advice in Losing Weight

May 23, 2009

Need some advice in losing weight? If you want to lose weight fast with the healthy way, you should read this article. Here the simple and easy tips to follow that will help you shrink your belly fat:

1. Keep your tummy satisfied by eating more often
That’s why you should eat 5 small meals a day. With this way, it will help you to control your eat portion and the important, keep your belly happy!

2. Avoid the junk food
Hit the store and pick the healthy foods like fresh fruits and veggies, low fat yogurt, lean meats, whole grains, oat-meals and nuts. These foods are simply better for you than the junk food.

3. Eating natural fat
You can found the natural fats from avocados, nuts, and seeds. It will help you lose more weight by getting you fuller faster and providing the healthy fats your body needs.

4. Eat fiber, not carbs.
High fiber is a fitness meal. Fiber will help you to keep you full longer. You can find the fiber from fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products, which are loaded with loads of nutrients!

5. You have to MOVE
You should find the 30 minutes to do more activity (jogging, cycling, gardening, swimming, tennis or aerobics) several days a week. If you are new in doing exercise, just walk a bit faster, include the hills and steps in your regular routine, gradually increasing the intensity and level of difficulty. Fact is, high variable intensity training like interval training and any kind of stop, start workouts are one of the most effective ways to boost your metabolism.

The other advice I can give is “Weight Loss doesn't happen Overnight”
Without a long term plan, and understanding of how our body works, and what it means to lose weight naturally we could be doomed to yo-yo forever.


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