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Boost Metabolism for Losing Weight

May 4, 2009

Maybe you know about relation between overweight and metabolism, right? Many people believe that overweight people have low metabolism, hmm maybe it’s true. But actually is more about calorie, if your calorie intake bigger than the output, your metabolism will save the ‘unused’ calorie as the fat. Then you should have a high metabolism to burn all the calories… then nothing to change into fat.

The good news is you can boost your metabolism to work fast. If you combine your high metabolism with calorie shifting diet, it will help you in losing weight fast.

Well, the most important thing to get the high metabolism is never skip your meals! If you skip your meals, your body will think that you are live in the wild, can’t get any foods in there. Then to protect the mechanism, your metabolism slows down. That’s why there are many people can’t lose any pounds with starvation.

I don’t know what are you thinking about diet pills, but my suggestion is avoid all that things. Yes, It will disturb your metabolism working. Even you can lose pounds with that, you will get the negative effect after a few years later. And also the alcohol, avoid it.

The last is about the exercise. If you hate to go to the gym for fitness, you only need to move more often. Try to walk at least 30 minutes a day. It will help you to prevent weight gain, walking for 45 minutes aids in fat as well as weight loss.

You will feel better when you have high metabolism, so you START it today!


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