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Why Most Fast Diet Fail

February 18, 2010

Fast diet, it never fades away, names may change but the principles are same, promise an instant solution to the problems of overweight overnight. Here are the top 5 reasons why diets are doomed to failure:

1. Diets are monotonous. It means serving different kinds of food everyday to prevent taste fatigue. Obviously fast diets offer bland foods that you must solely take in for a couple of days to weeks. Can you imagine eating the same kind of food every meal for the rest of your life? You may lose weight in this kind of diet but for just a given period of time diets make you feel hungrier. And as expected, due to the feeling of deprivation, you go to back to your usual diet and presto - re gain the "lost pounds" all over again.

2. Diets do not include exercise. Lost weight from diets are due to water not fat. Excess fats must be burn through exercise. Weight management means hard work. There is no single pill or food shakes that shed off the accumulated weight you've gained through time in an instant.

3. Diets are too strict and too difficult, too little and too fast. However, diets demand no carbohydrates, no sugar, just plain fruits and vegetables. Definitely lacks energy to face the busy world. To add up, if you are not that lucky enough, you might get sick because of depleted nutrients from these fast diet plans to fight infections.

4. Diets are generalized. What might work for others may not work for you. Effective weight loss programs include individual assessment and behavior modification.

5. Diets do not include lifestyle change. A good weight loss program involves diet, exercise, sleep and managing stress and emotions.

Before you engaged yourself in another popular fast diet plans; think of the reasons above. You might be wasting your time and energy.
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Effective Workouts to Lose Weight Quickly

February 17, 2010

Many of us have very busy lives and find it hard to squeeze in a workout session but just because you work most of the day away does that mean you don't even have 10 to 15 minutes for a workout. There are many simple and very effective workout's you can do in less than 10 minutes at home with just your body weight or very little equipment.

High intensity exercises that force you to use maximum effort in a short space of time not only burn hundreds calories they could even be more effective than long dull workouts. Skipping for around 5 minutes gives you an equivalent exercise of 1 hour spent walking or jogging.

Probably the most common excuse people use why they cannot lose weight and its mainly due to poor self control and lack of motivation that prevent them from achieving there ideal body weight.

Obesity is an epidemic in America and its true the food industry are not making it easy for individuals to lose weight when they try to stuff more cheese into a pizza crust but this is when we really have to discipline ourselves and start to enjoy what mother nature provides, fruits and vegetables and the creatures that inhabit it.

When it comes down to it, it's up to you to make the first step towards change even though you've probably already heard it a thousand times. The reason doesn't matter, for you, for family or just to rub it into an unsupportive coworker face.

The person who starts eating healthy is usually quickly pointed out and ridiculed for not eating some of those homemade muffins mum made packed with sugar. This type of unsupportive behavior is very common but it soon turns to admiration as you ignore there criticism and strive to reach your goals, after that usually comes jealousy as they watch you transform in front of there very eyes.

If you can't find support from the people close to you, look for an online weight loss buddy as there are hundreds of people trying to stay motivated out there and it’s been shown to increase your chances of losing weight and keeping it off.
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Keep Your Metabolism Strong As You Diet to Lose Weight

February 16, 2010

If you stick with a restricted calorie intake for too long you will get an unwelcome response from your body. Your body is wonderful at adapting to your eating routine. If you eat fewer calories for weeks on end your body will adapt to this new lower level by slamming the brakes on your metabolism making it very difficult to shed pounds.

Your metabolism is your body's engine and it is what converts the calories you eat into energy. The stronger your metabolism runs the more calories and fat your body burns. Many people make the mistake of dieting continuously and this slows their metabolism making it harder to lose weight. To discover the way to keep your metabolism high while dieting read on.

How do you keep your metabolism strong as you diet to lose weight? The solution is to learn how to strategically "cheat" on your diet. By scheduling one day a week as an overeating day where you consume at least 25-50% more calories you boost your metabolic rate back up to near normal levels.

A common concern is that this overeating day will cause you to lose ground on your weight loss but in reality this method actually speeds your overall lose. Because your metabolism rebounds so quickly your body does not have time to store the extra food you eat as fat and while you will experience some water weight gain the next morning this will easily flush out and by the end of the next week of dieting you will have a faster and greater weight loss then if you had not cheated.
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Weight Loss Guide for Dummies

February 15, 2010

Losing weight occurs when an individual is in a state of negative energy balance. Weight loss is not about counting calories-- it's about eating the right calories, with great guides. Losing weight is only the beginning, once you have lost the weight that you want, then you would have to learn how to keep it off, which a great weight loss program would instruct you how its done correctly.

Weight loss program would be the best choice for many, just because with a great weight lost program there would be no guess work involve. I am sure that you would be guessing on a lot of stuff to try, or you can ask, what would be the best weight loss program for me, which is smart.

But you would still have to know exactly what to look for with in a weight lost program to ensure that it is a great program an worth joining, just because most weight loss programs offers difficult to maintain guides, that they would want you to use and stick with.

Losing weight comes down to reducing extra calories from food and beverages and increasing calories burned through physical activities with great guides, like what you can receive from a great program. Planning your meals with great guides, can help ensure you get a balanced diet and reduces the temptation to stop off for fast food or order a pizza.

You can eat your favorite foods some days out of the week, but only with great guides to instruct you on how its done correctly. Plan your schedule to include enough time to prepare and eat your meals in a quiet place, without the rush. Planning is the only way to integrate healthy eating habits and exercise into their daily routine.
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How to Make a Diet Plan Even if You have Demanding Schedule

February 10, 2010

I have many clients in the situation that have a variable work, from people who work the night shift to those who travel constantly or who go from meeting to meeting all day long, regardless of your work schedule you will be able to make a diet work and lose the weight:

1. Keep your diet plan simple. I always told my clients the divided plate rule which means that you fill your plate half full with vegetables, one quarter full with protein and the last quarter with carbohydrate. This ensures you are eating the right foods in the right portions without the bother of counting calories or having to search for specialty foods.

2. Keep snacks in the form of protein. Don't grab the packaged snack from the vending machine. These snacks are filled with refined carbohydrates which leave you with a surge of insulin that leads to a crash of your blood sugar and a flood of cravings. Instead have a protein snack (i.e. cheese, nuts) this will steady your blood sugar controlling your hunger for well into the next few hours.

3. You will want your attitude to match your schedule so learn to handle frustration when you cannot get exactly what you wanted to eat and be flexible enough to accept "plan B". With a positive attitude you will find an acceptable alternative and stick with your weight loss program.

However, there will be obstacles in your path but when you have a mentor to guide you or a group of people to support you and encourage you finding a way to make a diet work becomes much easier.
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