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3 Mistakes that Many People Do in Losing Weight

February 5, 2010

It has been proved time and time again, a healthy lifestyle is the fastest way to lose weight quickly and keep it off. People who continue to live a lifestyle that encourages weight gain will never be able to shed the pounds.

There are 3 common mistakes that many people do in losing weight. Here it is:

1. Starving your body
It is better to eat as many as five or six small meals a day so that your body thinks that it is consuming as much meals as ever. More calories are burnt if smaller meals are eaten throughout the day than if two or three huge meals are eaten.

2. Eating the wrong foods
Fruits, vegetables and other fiber filled foods like whole grains will fill you up. Protein is necessary in your daily diet and protein sources like tofu, skinless chicken, eggs and dairy products with low fat are excellent for you. No doubt high fat foods are very tasty but remember they have double the amount of proteins and carbohydrates.

3. Doing the wrong exercises
What you have to remember is that a pound of hard muscle is only 1/3 that of fat.
Muscles in fact burn calories even while you are resting. So do not be afraid of strength training. Aerobic exercises are the best and help you to lose weight very quickly.

If you want to lose weight quickly possible then you should eat all the foods that help you in increasing your metabolism and exercise correctly so as to make your body burn calories even when you are sleeping.


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