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5 Ways to Stop Evereating

February 1, 2010

5 Ways to Stop Evereating
If you want to lose weight yet you find yourself repeatedly overeating then you have to read this article and discover how to move past your cravings and naturally eat less. This article shares how you can stop overeating before it happens by showing you 5 ways to free yourself from food cravings:

1. Have a distraction ready for the end of your meal. Having a cup of warm tea, coffee or even a stick of chewing gum that you can put in your mouth as soon as your meal is over you will find that you can move away from eating without overeating. This gives your brain time to register that you are full.

2. Take a 15 minute walk. This is the length of time researchers found it takes a person to "forget" about eating a craved food.

3. Eat meals and snacks mindfully. If you simply shovel in mouthfuls of food without a second thought you are eating hundreds of unneeded calories. Instead, pause long enough to notice how your food looks, smells and tastes.

4. Include protein with meals/snacks. Protein helps you regulate your hunger as well as your blood sugar. By keeping your blood sugar steady you avoid low blood sugar which can trigger food cravings.

5. Remind yourself of your bigger goal. Do you have a goal to lose weight? When you feel tempted to overeat you can quickly remind yourself that there is a bigger goal that you would rather achieve and you will find this helps you stop overeating before it happens.


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