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Eating Frequently - Most Recommended Way to Lose Weight

February 8, 2010

The recent books during the last three years have all recommended eating frequently. Well, by eating more meals per day as opposed to the normal three, you will able to supply your body with a steady stream of nutrients it needs to keep you healthy.

Appetite control is one of the main ways eating frequently helps you in losing weight. When you know that your next meal is due two hours right after you finished your meal you are not going to think much about food.

Once the body reaches its hunger threshold it will automatically tell you that gorge on food the next time it is available. That is why it is vital to anyone trying to lose weight never to go on any extended periods of time where you are hungry. Once your body screams food your mind can only do so much to stop you from over eating.

If you eat 5 small meals a day, your body will increase your metabolism work. This happens because the human body adapts to a consistent stream of calories in a way that it wants to burn them.

Successful dieters always mention that once they started eating frequently their minds suddenly became clearer. They stopped needing coffee for energy and relied on the increased metabolism they experienced to give them that edge in thinking. Increased metabolism through frequent eating does really promote an active mind.

Eating frequently will help you to lose weight. If you really are serious about losing weight try eating every 3-4 hours. And make sure you eat the healthy meals!


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