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Why Most Fast Diet Fail

February 18, 2010

Fast diet, it never fades away, names may change but the principles are same, promise an instant solution to the problems of overweight overnight. Here are the top 5 reasons why diets are doomed to failure:

1. Diets are monotonous. It means serving different kinds of food everyday to prevent taste fatigue. Obviously fast diets offer bland foods that you must solely take in for a couple of days to weeks. Can you imagine eating the same kind of food every meal for the rest of your life? You may lose weight in this kind of diet but for just a given period of time diets make you feel hungrier. And as expected, due to the feeling of deprivation, you go to back to your usual diet and presto - re gain the "lost pounds" all over again.

2. Diets do not include exercise. Lost weight from diets are due to water not fat. Excess fats must be burn through exercise. Weight management means hard work. There is no single pill or food shakes that shed off the accumulated weight you've gained through time in an instant.

3. Diets are too strict and too difficult, too little and too fast. However, diets demand no carbohydrates, no sugar, just plain fruits and vegetables. Definitely lacks energy to face the busy world. To add up, if you are not that lucky enough, you might get sick because of depleted nutrients from these fast diet plans to fight infections.

4. Diets are generalized. What might work for others may not work for you. Effective weight loss programs include individual assessment and behavior modification.

5. Diets do not include lifestyle change. A good weight loss program involves diet, exercise, sleep and managing stress and emotions.

Before you engaged yourself in another popular fast diet plans; think of the reasons above. You might be wasting your time and energy.


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