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Exercises to Burn Tummy Fat

January 31, 2010

Exercises to Burn Tummy Fat
Although abdominal muscles will strengthen your abs, they can't help you get that beautiful belly. For that, you need to learn the exercises to burn tummy fat. What are the best exercises to burn tummy fat?

However, you can't spot-reduce tummy fat. This is because, fat burning happens in all parts of the body and at the same rate. The exercises to follow are brisk walking, running, cardio exercises, swimming, dancing, rock climbing, etc. Do these exercises four or five times a week for at least 20 minutes. These exercises will produce certain hormones in your body, which will improve your energy levels, improve metabolism and in turn lead to burning of tummy fat.

You also need strength training and exercises like push ups, pull ups, chin ups, etc. Follow the exercises that are beneficial for your body and the exercises you like. If you don't have an exercise plan, consult a physical trainer to learn about some exercises suited for your exact requirements.

Then what is the case about abdominal exercises? They strengthen the abdominal muscles like the abs and oblique muscle groups. The exercises for the core are mainly plank and crunches. However, you can't count on them as exercises to burn tummy fat. The strong muscles you thus develop won't be visible because of the thick layers of fat. Burn that fat and you will see the muscles.

You will also need to eat fewer calories than you use. In that case, it will be net calorie loss every day. In this case, your body will use the fat for its energy needs. Thus, you can slowly experience fat burning. By watching total calorie intake, you can easily bring your fat problem to under your control. Also, avoid the foods that oily food items, packaged food, and anything prepared from refined flour.


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