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Lose Belly Fat by Gaining Muscles

January 16, 2010

Lose Belly Fat by Gaining Muscles
Being fit and healthy is one of the few things that we want to achieve. However, it need not be the ordeal you might expect. Achieving the optimum level of fitness might simply be a case of reducing your calorie intake (not necessarily reducing the amount of food you eat) and performing the effective exercises.

Some people lead a reasonably healthy lifestyle yet are still unable to reduce their weight and get rid of the twenty or thirty extra pounds they are carrying. The secret is not in stringent dieting but in a combination of proper exercise and calorie control.

To lose weight, it is necessary to reduce your calorie intake by a certain amount. This amount might vary for different people and it may be a small amount, combined with exercise, to achieve a weight loss. Taking the path to fitness need not necessarily involve starving on a diet of acorns!

Reduce the calorie intake by a couple of hundred per day, intense interval based exercises for just a few minutes each day will produce an ideal weight loss of a couple of pounds per week.

There is nothing wrong if you find it hard to lose weight on standard diets. In fact, the diet that is wrong, also not you! Everyone is different and everyone requires a different regime that suits them, not everyone else! The right kind of exercise is imperative to losing belly fat and it should be in short bursts with rest intervals rather than long, slow, cardio based sessions.

Belly fat is often the result of drinking too much beer rather than eating too much food. It's painful but beer needs to be consumed in smaller quantities if you are serious about losing belly fat. Not only that, alcohol dehydrates the system you so carefully hydrated throughout the day with water.


Keaton January 21, 2010 at 10:34 PM  

It's an ideal idea to lose belly fat. To gain muscle definitely people will workout some exercise which is hard to do. Including that muscles with out knowing people will be concentrating on belly fat. So many exercises are their which focuses mainly on belly fat.

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