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The DON'Ts of Permanent Weight Loss

January 2, 2010

Permanent Weight Loss.
If you want to achieve the permanent weight, you have to avoid the diet mistakes! Diet mistakes not only put you at risk of serious nutrition loss but it also puts you on the front line of diseases. Ok, here are 3 top mistakes that prevent you from the permanent weight loss:

1. Crash Diets
People resort to weight loss programs that promise them extraordinary results. And this calls cabbage soup or grapefruit a day. Some no longer care if it's healthy. They just want to see results. Sure you melt the calories and fats, but you also tell your metabolism to just slow down, at the end, your body will burn calorie slower and store fats faster.

2. Skipping Breakfast
Apart of crash diet, if you skip your breakfast, you only slowdown your metabolism! A healthy breakfast not only provides you with an arsenal of protein and fiber that will keep hunger pangs at bay but also prevents you from eating super-size meal at lunch. So eat sensibly a breakfast, and stay full longer.

3. Mindless Eating
Sure, you eat your recommended portion and sizes at the right meal time. But, what about in between meals? If you have that tempting bag of pretzels at your secret stash or a sumptuous rack of muffin at the pantry, chances are you have been cheating after meals. Add all the numbers and your calorie intake sure go up intensely.

With a proper weight loss plan and exercise, you will be able to achieve the permanent weight loss.


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