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Inspiration to Losing Weight

January 4, 2010

Inspiration to Losing Weight
Do you need to lose weight because you are feeling uncomfortable or your health is being negatively affected yet, but you just cannot seem to get yourself motivated to start? This article shares a few secrets, I hope you benefit as well:

1. Set a specific goal!
The key to uncovering your inner inspiration is to get specific with your goal.

2. Commit to one thing
So often we think about how many pounds we will lose this weight, this will paralyze you and keep you from taking action. Commit to one thing! For the example, commit to eating mindfully or keeping a food journal. You will soon master this task and feel inspired to take on bigger and better things.

3. Start your day right and it will end right. Start your day with an intentional healthy act such as exercising, having a good breakfast or giving yourself a positive pep talk and you will find that you naturally search for more good things throughout your day.

4. Monitor your negative thoughts. No one makes it through their day without having negative or potentially sabotaging thoughts pop in their mind. Pay attention to your thoughts and when you hear a negative one say to yourself, CANCEL. This disrupts the thought and keeps it from growing to the point where it does you damage.

These tips are the secrets to finding inspiration to lose weight. Get these things working for you and enjoy the results.

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