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Quick Weight Loss Diets

January 3, 2010

Quick Weight Loss Diets
Oh, are you interesting with the title? Quick Weight Loss Diets. Maybe you have tried some crash diets. Did it work? Did it healthy? Probably not. Crash diets really are do not work long time. If you are a professional model or actress who would want to cut weight then it will work for you, but it will not stay for good. What is worse is you would probably gain more weight after that kind of diet.

Quick weight loss diets does not mean starve yourself. It means eat the right food for you to lose weight and get back in shape. It is all about metabolism. Here is a quickie overview - if you starve then your body would slow down its metabolism for you to survive. It means that if you are on an empty stomach your body will not burn the calories that much but it will just conserve it. Increase your metabolism and your body will burn more calories.

At first, you have to cut your carbohydrates intake. Carbs make you fat if unburned. Carbs turn into sugar and make your body fat if you do not burn those unused calories. So cut your intake of carbohydrates.

Quick weight loss diets do not mean cutting a hundred percent on foods to be avoided. It just means to cut down a certain percentage of those to be avoided. You have to lessen your intake by twenty percent (20%) of the following: rice, corn, wheat, flour-based products like bread, potatoes, pastas, pizzas, soft drinks, pastries, and sweets to name a few. Cut down on those starchy fruits too like banana, mangoes, and the like.

Fill yourself up with green vegetables. In cases you do feel empty, snack on green veggies or fresh fruits and fruit shakes.


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