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Simple Test to know Are your Teens Overeating or Not

January 24, 2010

Teens Overeating
Sitting by and hoping your teens will "outgrow" it or thinking it's just baby fat is putting your head in the sand. It may just be that he will "outgrow" it, but can you take a chance? The alternative is to end up with an overweight teen who has tremendous self esteem issues, social isolation and more. So if your child is apparently eating everything in sight, finishing the plate and asking for more, try this quick little test, you will learn a lot.

Teens and adults who eat large portions of palatable, energy dense foods when they are not hungry are overeating and if not overweight, are at risk. This simple test can be done by any parent in the 20 minutes following a dinner meal.

1. Let your child finish an ordinary dinner meal consisting of well balance protein, carb and vegetable. By eating the same amount of food and if you feel full you know you have the right meal.
2. Ask your child or teen if he or she is full or hungry. If they indicate hungry or half hungry then you need to repeat on another day. If the child indicates "full." then proceed to step
3. If he says he is full then wait a few minutes and offer some foods. If the child or teen will go and eat another full portion, then he or she is eating in the absence of hunger.

It's ideal to use it when you suspect overeating in elementary school age children.

If you child or teen is overeating, overweight or even obese you need to take some active steps. Making some simple changes in the whole family's eating is the first step. Getting the child moving is the next step.


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