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Stop Overeating at Night

January 20, 2010

Late night snacking can be an obstacle for many but there are strategies that you can use as well as different mindset tricks that will help you ease through the evening hours. If you would like to find peace with food at night then you have to follow these tips:

1. If you have developed a habit of eating at night then you are probably eating more on autopilot then due to the fact that your body needs food. When you have an urge to snack at night simply ask yourself, "How hungry am I." By paying attention to your hunger level you will find it easier to make eating decisions.

2. If you tell yourself you will not allow any food at night then you are more likely intensifying your craving. It is human nature to want what we cannot have so instead of denying tell yourself you are going to wait 15 minutes then if you still want to eat portion yourself a small amount.

3. Not all foods are handled by your body the same way in the evenings. For the example, if you eat carbohydrates you will cause a surge of insulin to be produced in your body. This is not what you want because when insulin is high your body makes fat with more ease and shuts down fat burning. Instead, snack on protein or veggies if you must have something.

4. If your ultimate goal is weight loss then remind yourself of this goal often during the evening hours. This acts as a mental trick to help you see that there is something you want more than food.

5. A study at a university showed that people who were tempted to snack on their favorite food lost the urge to eat after 5 minutes of walking. So, walk around 15 minutes!


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