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Exercise Routines that Maximizes Weight Loss

January 25, 2010

Exercise Routines that Maximizes Weight Loss
Exercise routines will maximizes your weight loss process. However, there are three points you have to follow! Here the 3 points of exercise routines that maximizes weight loss:

1. First point of your routine is stay hydrated. I would recommend trying to drink around eight glasses of water a day. Drink water, drinking sport drinks, and drinking juices will all keep you hydrated. What you want to do though is stay away from those soft drinks because they really dehydrate you.

2. The regular exercise. This would mean three to five times a week. When you first start out you can start off slow and do only three days a week that way you're giving you body a rest. Then when you start to get a hang of the three days a week then you should pump it up to every day trying to do about forty five minutes to sixty five minutes of exercising a day. For my routine I like to go jogging for thirty to thirty five minutes then I come home and do some light weight training.

3. Your eat portions. This is the key to the whole routine. If you don't eat portions and continue to eat the way you are right know then you are going to see very little changes. However if you do eat portions then you should be able to see a very sizeable change in you appearance. The portion part also makes sure that you keep off those unwanted pounds that you're carrying because we all know once you lose it you never want it back again.

Just keep on your mind these 3 points of exercise routines that maximizes weight loss! If you keep hydrated, exercise regularly, and eat portions, you will be able to change the way your lifestyle is today.


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