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Cheese for Weight Loss

January 29, 2010

Cheese for Weight Loss
Cheese in a one ounce portion only contains 76 calories, 6 grams of fat and is full of protein. Since the cheese is full of protein it helps reduce cravings and this in can help you to lose weight.

Cheese is also known to have about as much calcium as milk and also has ten grams of protein. It can help keep you healthy and help you to feel full longer. Try having this on top of some pasta or vegetables.

Cheeses also contain plenty of calcium. They can help you stay healthy and also help keep you energized. If you feel energized you will more motivated to exercise and stay in shape.

Ricotta cheese that is used in many Italian pasta dishes and many people think it is full of fat, actually only contains forty-nine calories. This means you do not really have to cut it out of your diet just make sure to eat it wisely.

Provolone cheese also contains much of your daily need for calcium and can also keep your bones strong and healthy because it contains phosphorus and selenium minerals. This will keep you healthy and also help keep your body in shape so you can exercise daily. Finally, mozzarella contains much of your daily calcium and only six grams of fat.

Getting in shape and staying healthy is always about cutting food you like out of your diet. If you limit and pay more attention to portion sizes, foods that we eat on a daily basis and that many of us love including cheese can actually help us to lose weight.


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