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Lose Fat Tummy by Reducing Stress

January 30, 2010

Lose Fat Tummy by Reducing Stress
If you want to know how to lose fat tummy, you need to understand the mechanism with which your body reacts to stress. When we are stressed, the two stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol are released. The adrenaline is responsible for you staying alert and focused while the cortisol raises the levels of fat and sugar in the bloodstream so that they can be immediately converted into energy for running. This is a mechanism that has worked when we needed to run from beasts or defend our lives in battles.

Nowadays, the stressful situations do not require us to exert so much physical activity. The stress we encounter today is mostly psychological but the brain can tell no difference and makes the body react. We have all that fat and glucose in our bloodstream but they will not be burnt off simply because there will be no running or fighting.

And the interesting thing is that it is deposited back as a tummy fat.

The way our brains are wired, after stress we feel hungry because the brain thinks we need to refuel after gruesome physical exercise. And so it asks for fatty sugary foods which are acidic and end up stored in fat pouches!

The problem is that after some time of elevated stress period, the body gets used to this level of stress, keeps cortisol levels high and you will not be able to lose the tummy fat just in case your body needs it for that extra spurge of energy.

In fact, for some people, a gruelling exercise can stress the body even more! The answer lies in a few small changes that can be implemented easily into everybody's lifestyle. It is important to be able to deal with everyday stress in a manner.. Even if you just sit with your eyes closed for 5-10 minutes every day and breathe deeply into your belly, you will relax the muscles and the stress hormones will subside.

Make sure that the foods you eat are predominantly alkaline. Drink plenty of filtered, alkaline water and eat snacks that will alkalize your body, such as pre-soaked almonds. By following these simple changes you will definitely see the fat tummy disappear effortlessly.


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