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The ways to Eat

May 22, 2009

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If you still remember my previous post, how to eat in losing weight, here you will learn what you eat and how much you eat and also when you eat. You can lose your belly fat with this method. Just if you follow this advice you can really lose belly fat with diet.

1. What you eat: There are different types of foods consisting of protein, carbohydrates and fats. You must eat from all groups but in different ratios or percentages. Protein should be 30%, while carbohydrates should be 60% and fats should be 10%.

Make sure you eat superior protein such as chicken, fish, meat etc. And complex carbs such as brown bread, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds etc. Don’t forget to eat essential fats like the fats found in fish such as mackerel, sardines, and tuna. Also fats from nuts, avocados, pumpkins, sesames, olive oil, walnuts. All these foods can make you lose belly fat with diet.

2. How much you eat: Its no good acquiring good nutritional food that is low in calories and fats(essential fats) but then when it is time to eat you stuff yourself till you can’t move. You have to exercise food portion control in order to lose belly fat with diet.

The rule of thumb I use when I want to lose belly fat with diet is to take a medium size plate and divide it into thirds. One third will be for my protein source. The second third will be for my carbohydrate source and the third will be for my vegetables. You may be wondering about the fat portion. Well the meat or chicken or fish will contain enough fat.

3. When to eat: As regards when to eat, you should eat immediately after you wake up or if you exercise immediately you wake up then eat after that. Then eat every three hours throughout the day. as i said the meals don’t have to be large but the have to be regular or frequent i.e every three hours. This will keep your metabolism high thus helping you lose belly fat with diet.
So as you can see from the discussion above it is really easy to lose belly fat with diet when you follow these steps.


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