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Shift your Calorie for Maximum Weight Loss

May 9, 2009

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Why many people can’t lose any pounds? Because their body already adapted with a certain amount of calories, it make your metabolism to slow down significantly. To lose weight permanently you mustn’t allow your body to adapt the specific level of calorie daily, that’s why you need to shift your calorie.

The main idea of calorie shifting is to trick your metabolism for work faster, burn more calorie, and burn the fat storage. It will help you losing weight fast. And you need to eat 5 meals a day. But many people have a wrong idea about this. They eat every kinds of food they want, the biggest portion, and eat at the wrong time. Yes, you can eat every kinds of food you like. The only thing to do is never consume the exact same portion breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.

Here the simple things to do:
1. Eat different total amount of calories daily. For the example, today you consume 2000 calories, tomorrow 1800 calories, third day 1600 calories, fourth day 1400 calories, and the fifth day back to 2000 calories, and so on. (Never consume below than 1200 calories, it’s very danger for your body)
2. Change the total amount of calories you consumed at each meal. For the example, today you decide to eat a large breakfast, medium lunch, and small dinner; then tomorrow you decide to eat a small breakfast, large lunch, and medium dinner; and so on.

To make you more understand, I have drawn up a sample of how you might eat for the next one week period:

Monday: 2000 Calories
Breakfast = 700, Snack time = 200, Lunch = 550, Snack time = 100, Dinner = 450

Tuesday: 1800 Calories
Breakfast = 500, Snack time = 100, Lunch = 550, Snack time = 150, Dinner = 500

Wednesday: 1600 Calories
Breakfast = 450, Snack time = 150, Lunch = 500, Snack time = 100, Dinner = 400

Thursday: 1400 Calories
Breakfast = 400, Snack time = 100, Lunch = 400, Snack time = 100, Dinner = 400

Friday: back to 2000 Calories (you must never eat below than 1200 calories)
Breakfast = 600, Snack time = 100, Lunch = 550, Snack time = 200, Dinner = 550

You can see the different calories of value you each day and each meal, that’ why it called Calorie shifting. If you keep shift your calorie intake, your metabolism will get confused and begin to burning extra fat tissue.


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