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Weight Loss Industry Lies

May 20, 2009

losing weight
“Americans spent more than $40 billion on weight loss products and diets!” More than that, according to the Nutrition Business Journal, “the supplement industry made more than $16 billion in sales, when over a thousand different manufacturers produce about 20 thousand different fat loss and diets products. These products are consumed by 100 million people!”

How come so many billions of dollars at stake? That’s why there are many advertisers of the weight loss and supplement industry will tell you anything to get you to buy their products, which are probably not helping anyone loss any weight. They will lie to make you believe that their diet products are safe to use and ever use it to lose weight.

Maybe you already hear it many times, many people who consumed powders, pills or other diet related products, and perhaps they lost a few pounds, but after a few weeks they gained it all back. But they didn’t get back the thousands of dollars they wasted on those products.

Have you realized that all those diet products do not work?

Many people search on the google about newest diet product that will help them in losing weight. Fortunately, you found this article, I want to tell you that those diets and supplement products are no good. Most of the diet programs people are trying simply do not work, and those who start them usually end up with more pounds and fat than ever.

If you want to get advice in losing weight, you should read all my previous post, what diet I suggest, what method I suggest, what exercise I suggest. Check it below:
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It will help you loss excess fat in a healthy and easy way.


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