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Losing Weight with Stairs??

May 17, 2009

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Well, it’s not about popular diet program. It’s just a way to do exercise. Many people have a wrong idea with “exercise” in losing weight. They believe that with doing more exercise they will gain their ideal weight as soon as possible, that’s why the go to for jogging every morning, go to gym every day… Well, I’m going to tell you that all are wrong! Exercise in losing weight means increase your heart rate (read my previous post: The effective exercise in losing weight). That’s my only move more often already help you in losing weight.

You don’t need to do extreme exercise, you just need simple thing to make you move more often, like walking more than 30 minutes a day. But how about you are always in home? Especially for housewife. We will use the stairs in your house to help you. You only need 20 minutes of your unoccupied time, better than sit and watch television, right?

First, step with the left foot first when you climbing stairs. Swing your hand while you step up and down. Set your swings order to elbow in line with the shoulders.You can combine it with the jump or run. While running pass up one stair and then down again. That is the left foot, now do it with the other foot. Then, for cooling, place the right heel on the first rung. Align legs with the body to bend forward, hold for a few moments.

You can also try cycling for 20 minutes, quick way for 20 minutes, jump rope for 5 minutes, and up and down stairs for 15 minutes. Or could also make the walk as the day-to-day routines, 6,000 steps can burn 300 calories.


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