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Diet for teens

May 14, 2009

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The healthy meals and exercise regularly already help us in losing weight. And for many teens, doing more activities will help them in losing weight without change their eat pattern. But if they really want to dieting, they should consult with the doctor or diet consultant first. For help you (teens) in dieting, here the tips that will help you in losing weight:

1. First at all, avoid the junk food! Junk food contain empty calorie. Well, empty calorie doesn’t mean zero calorie. If you consume empty calorie, your metabolism will immediately change it into fat without any process. If you want to losing weight, stay away from junk foods!

2. Exercise regularly. Help you in losing weight, also help you in building strong bone.
3. Drink milk. Many people avoid the milk because it contains fat and will make them fatter. Well, it just a myth. Milk contain 80 calories, protein and calcium that you need for growth (compare with softdrink that contain 120 calories and sugar, no protein, no calcium)

4. Another beverage you need is water! Drink at least 8 glasses a day.

5. Breakfast! The important meal is not lunch but Breakfast. Breakfast will provide you energy for facing along day, also will help you to stay away from unnecessary snack before lunch.

6. Variation meals. Meat? Why not? Eat the meat that contain high protein like fish. You also need to eat vegetables and fruits. All the meals will provide you with the all nutrient you need for your body.

7. Don’t use any diet pills, except under a doctor’s order.

As long as you doing diet with the healthy ways, with the healthy eat pattern, you will easier in gaining your ideal weight.


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