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Water and Weight Loss

May 1, 2009

losing weight
Perhaps you not realize it that drinking water has a relation with weight loss. A lot of people don’t know the function of drinking water. The question is how can water help you in losing weight?

While we eat our food, we can’t realize that we are eating too much. That’s why, when we are eating our food, we should drink a lot of water, to avoid us from taking food too much. This can stop us from taking unnecessary food that we should not take. Simple relations, right? But, sometimes we can’t tell the difference between hungry and thirsty. When we fell hungry, we think that we are hungry (but actually, we only thirsty) and begin to eat, guess what happen next? We get some pounds. That’s why we need water to avoid that thing, first at all, when you fell hungry drink one glass of water, after 10 minutes we still feel hungry, it’s mean we are really hungry.

Besides that, water can help cleanse our body from inside. Toxin within our body can move out easily, helping us in losing weight.

Talk about water, not means we can drink whatever water we want. Too much coffee or soft drink will not help us. Drink plain and boil water for optimal result.

The fact is water not contains any calories. That’s why with drinking water, we will not gain any pounds. Another good news is water can burn our unused calorie (the calorie that will save as fat in our body) we consume. With drinking water 8 glasses a day will help you to lose pounds.


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