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Diet as a Lifestyle

May 21, 2009

I always told to my client “Make your diet as a lifestyle, not a pressure”. But what it’s mean? Well, read this article and you will be able enjoy your diet.

Before we start I want to make sure one thing, if you “skip or reduce your meals”, you only turn your body into ‘starvation’ mode. If you activate this mechanism, you make your body think that you’re in wild, can’t get any food to eat, you are in danger of famine.

Then your body will respond it by lowering your metabolic rate (the rate your body burns fuel). If this keep happen, your body drops the metabolic rate down even further by using its own precious muscle tissue for fuel. It will do all it can to hold on to its fat stores, chewing into your muscle tissue instead which damages your health long term. You will be simply will not get successful weight loss.

You will not know the level is that will trigger this 'survival mode' so always to stay above the World Health Organizations bottom level starvation diet of 2100 calories for men and 1800 for women.

If you ask all diet consultants, the best way in losing weight is “EXERCISE”. Well, there are many people hate the exercise… at first I also hate it. But I know that it’s really important for my health. Do the exercise then you will be able to boost your metabolism to help you in losing weight. Get the healthy and slimmer body.

Then you need to split your big meals into 5-6 small meals, eat it every 3-4 hours each one. The purpose is to keep your body stay full until the next eat time coming. Eat your meals with the different calorie of values (read this).

It will change your way in losing weight and make it permanent. That’s why I called it “lifestyle”, help you in permanent weight loss, not just some fad or 'diet' you go on and off and never works anyway. This ways will give you ideal body - try it and see for yourself.


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