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Right exercise for Obese person

May 20, 2009

losing weight

With the excess fat in their body, obese people should do some activities that can help them in burn their fat. Exercise is the first suggestion in losing weight. The main idea of exercise is to increase the heart rate for a period of time. For an extremely obese person, an inflated heart rate is not that hard to achieve.

The first thing to do is “Stay Away From the Gym”. Sound strange? Well, there is good reason. You should know that gyms are made for thin and athletic people. Ab machines usually have a maximum weight of 250 pounds. Treadmills are created for people who are of “average” weight and weight benches are too narrow for an extremely overweight body. Also, the added weight makes traditional cardio difficult, but there are ways to integrate exercise without causing injury.

Yes, just because I say to stay away from the gym does not mean you can stay away from exercise. Swimming, walking, biking and dancing are fantastic ways to raise the heart rate and they tend to be fun. Fun and exercise need to be the best of friends for anyone to stay on track. If you are having difficulties walking for long periods of time, try sitting in a chair with a straight back and lifting your arms over your head then back to your sides. Repeat this motion and your heart rate will increase.

Life as an overweight person is a difficult struggle that should include exercise whenever possible. For obese person, exercise is the key to the healthy weight loss. Try the exercise program that suitable for you and you can enjoy it. You will be happy you did!


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