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How to Eat in Losing Weight

May 16, 2009

At first, you should know it's not how much you eat that make you overweight, but how you eat. Look the fact below:

“Millions of people get up and skip breakfast. (Note: your body not get enough nutrient after sleep 8 hours) and at the lunch, they eat a large lunch, nothing for another six hours or so, then go home pig out on a huge dinner complete with ice cream for desert, then go to bed. And tomorrow they do the same things.”

No wonder they're all overweight! They don't know how to eat.

Then you want to know how to eat in losing weight? How about 5 times a day? Split your 3 big meals into 5 small meals a day. First at all you should begin with the breakfast, start your day with the fiber, protein, and a glass of milk.

After that a snack in mid-morning, a light lunch followed by a mid-afternoon snack and a light dinner is the ticket. The other suggestion is avoid junk food (or you can read my previous post about: Eat fast food? Why not?).

Eat your meals frequently, the ideal is 4 hours per meal. Maybe you are thinking that you will be consuming too many calories with this way. But since you're spreading out your eating, your body will be able to use the food you put into it without storing it as fat.

Just that simple? Well, it’s too simple. You should try it for only two weeks and you will be almost guaranteed startling results.


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