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Don’t Skip your Meals if you want to Losing Weight

May 18, 2009

losing weight
I always meet the people that skip their meals in order to lose weight, even in many forums I always meet the people that suggest ‘skip meals’. It’s wrong, Wrong, and WRONG! Don’t follow the people that suggest something like that! They don’t know what are they talking about. Want a proof that they are wrong?

Just ask the slim or thin people! Are they skip their meals to get the ideal weight? NO! Even they eat more!

If you skip your meals, you only make your body in starvation mode. Your body will think that you live in the jungle… don’t have enough food to eat! Then your body will only burn fewer calories, not help you in losing weight! At your next meal you will over-eating, make you fatter.

Skipping is not the right way in losing weight. Slim or thin people never skip their meal, they also never reduce their food intake. Then what they do in order to lose weight?

They realize it or not, they have a high metabolic rate. You also can have it! The best way is “Exercise”. The purpose is increase your heart rate, it impact to your metabolism… That’s why if you run faster, you will feel your body warm/hot. Because your metabolism work faster. If you really hate exercise or don’t have a time to do it, you only need to move more often in order to increase your heart rate. Look my previous post to get the idea, here and here


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