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Eating but Losing Weight

May 29, 2009

eating but losing weight
There are many people believe the only way in losing weight is reduce the food intake or skip the meals. This is completely wrong. Cutting your food intake is not the key to permanent weight loss. Well, cutting your food intake will make your body to go into starvation mode. It means your body only burn fewer calories and experiences extreme hunger pangs.

And the solution is eat more. Split your big meals into 5 small and healthy meals a day will really help you. Eating 5 meals a day will boost your metabolic process and burn more calories all day long. The important is eat it frequently, If you wait too long for a meal, by the time the food comes, you will be starving and will not be able to control yourself. Eating smaller meals more often helps keep you full, and lets you be in control.

Eating smaller meals has three major advantages:
1. Once you begin to eat more often, you won't feel hungry at odd times. When you do not feel hungry, there is no reason behind eating junk foods!
2. Once you begin to eat more often, your body will keep your metabolic rate high at all times!
3. Once you begin to eat more often, your blood sugar levels won't spike up to abnormal levels. Therefore eating small meals is also good for diabetics!

Now you can see, eating small and frequent meals has many advantages! If you follow the instructions, you will soon get on your way to permanent weight loss!


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