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Fat Burn Secret

May 27, 2009

fat burn secret, losing weight
If you looking for the fat burn secret, you are in the right place. The important thing of the fat burning process is your metabolism. You should know how your metabolism work. The other thing you should do is boost your metabolism. Ok, here the fat burn secret:

1. Eat all your meals! If you skip your meal, your metabolism will not work well, also impact to your fat burn. That’s why the people that skip their meals never lose any pounds. Do you like that?

2. Don’t below than 1500 calories (well, actually the minimum calorie requirement for our body is 1200 calories). If you only eat fewer calories, you will not able to burn fat fast!

3. Move more often! Find the activities that can help you to move more often. Walking, biking, gardening, swimming, and even follow the dancing class will also help you in burning fat (read my article about The effective exercise in Losing Weight)

Here the important part of fat burn secret;
4. Eat more often! If you see the number 1 and 2, you can see that I never suggest my client to follow the crash diet. Eat more often means you should eat frequently. Split your big meals into 5-6 meals a day. Yup, of course you need to eat the right and healthy food. (Read my post How to eat in Losing Weight).

I remember about my client who following these tips, she able to lose 30 pounds in around 4 months. I’m sure if you follow these tips, you also will be able to lose more fat. Look, this is the important thing you should know, many diet programs out there promise you same thing, that is lose weight fast! You must know is that program helps you lose weight permanently? But this fat burn secret is the permanent weight loss!


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