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The effective Exercise in Losing Weight

May 17, 2009

Exercise is the best way in losing weight. You can gain your ideal as soon as possible with the right exercise. But there are many people still have a wrong idea about exercise, they wake up earlier jogging every day or go to gym every day. Well, for them maybe it just plain exercise, but for me, that is extreme exercise. If you one of them, I will ask one question for you, ”Did you lose any pounds with it?”. Some of you maybe said YES, but I’m sure after a few days you gain any pounds again, right?

You should know that these kinds of exercise will not burn any fat… These kinds of exercise burn the protein from your muscle. When you do this exercise, you will quickly lose the energy, and your body must to supply the reserve immediately. And to get the reserve immediately, your body will get it from the protein not the fat.

Your body can’t get from the fat because there are many process for change the fat become energy, but your body need it as soon as possible because of your activity. The only way is get it protein.

The fact is simple exercise with the long duration already enough for effective fat burn. I always said it move more often. That’s why I always suggest to my client for walking more than 30 minutes a day. Walking will not lose your energy quickly and your body have a time to prepare the fat into energy. After 30 minutes, your body begin to use the fat as the energy. I think 30 minutes walking is not extreme, right?


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