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Walking & Losing Weight

June 1, 2009

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Need the suggestion for losing weight? Of course, exercise. Exercise will help you to speed up your metabolism which increase your fat burn process and help you for losing weight quickly. But, do you know the best exercise for losing weight?

The best exercise for losing weight is “activities with long duration, but don’t require a big energy”. Not like a weight lifting or treadmill. These kinds of exercise will burn your protein that taken from your muscle. When you do this exercise, you will quickly lose the energy, and your body must to supply the reserve immediately. And to get the reserve immediately, your body will get it from the protein not the fat. (Your body can’t get it from the fat because many process to change the fat into energy, but your body need it as soon as possible because of your activity. The only way is protein from your muscle).

Now the activities with long duration but don’t need a big energy is walking. Walking will not lose your energy quickly and your body had a time to prepare the fat into energy. After 30 minutes, your body begin to use the fat as the energy. And here the reason why should walk regularly:
1. Walking help you to burn more calories, increase your metabolic rate, and fat burn.
2. Walking avoid you from heart attack.
3. Walking avoid you from osteoporosis.
4. Walking is the safety, effective, and enjoyable.
5. Well, walking is FREE of charge!

So, walking regularly from today!


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