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The Best Activities for Losing Weight

June 16, 2009

best exercise for losing weight, dietOne of the biggest problem is losing weight is exercise. Finding the best exercise for losing weight is hard to do, it because there are many obstacles like “don’t have time”, “hate exercise”, etc. But actually the simple activities already help you to burn calorie effectively.

Here are five simple activities that will help you get healthy and losing weight:

1. Walking
Who said you don’t have a time just for walking? Just change your car if you want to go to the market in your city.

While walking, take time to catch up and chat with each other. This is the best social time. Just Walking & Losing Weight.

2. Gardening
Make your garden as beautiful as it can. Gardening will help you to burn calories so you can lose some pounds. After that, you can see that you will have a beautiful garden and the slim body.

3. Recreation
Something simple like go for recreation with your family make you to stay healthy and lose weight. Have fun with your family like Frisbee, playing tag, and other games.

4. Follow Dancing Class
Dance? Why not. I think that dancing is the best activities for losing weight. You’ll enjoy an incredible workout!

5. Even you can Losing Weight with Stairs!
Read my previous post: Losing Weight with Stairs.

You can see that these activities is not only fun, also help you to stay healthy and lose some pounds. Just enjoy your activities. And you can see that exercise for losing is not a boring thing.


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