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Why You are Still Overweight?

June 26, 2009

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No one can help you in losing weight except yourself. Your commitment and focus in reach your goals will determine your success! Sometimes you feel that you are not losing weight but actually you are doing the wrong things and make you failed and end with the extra weight.

No specific plan
If you don’t have a specific weight loss plan, how you can achieve your goals? You should know exactly what you need to every day to achieve your goals. Like find right diet and exercise, you will really lose weight. Consult your plan with your diet consultation or fitness trainer who can give the best advice to you.

No Motivation
Have a plan is not enough, especially for the person that always feel hopeless and disillusioned half way through it. Stay motivated! You can pin up your picture before you gained the pounds to remind you how ideal you are, or even a picture of how you want to look (yah, you can do it with stick a photo of a model or maybe you can use the photoshop ^.^). It will motivate you.

Wrong Information about diet
For the example like a starving. Starvation is not a long term solution. It will slow down your metabolism in your body which in turn will burn fewer calories! Please don’t trapped in wrong information about Losing Weight. Once you receive a new information about diet, you should consult it first with your dietitian or doctor.

OK, maybe only these problems I can found. If you have another, feel free to add it at the comment below.


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