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Stay Motivated in Losing Weight

June 1, 2009

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In losing weight the important thing is not about the healthy, how fast you can lose it, or the other. The important thing in losing weight is stay motivated. Ok, here the steps:

1. To keep you focus in reach your weight loss goals, the first thing you should do before set your goals is make a list ‘why you want to lose weight’. Read it every morning when you wake up at the morning. Put it at the place that you can get it easily. Also stick it in your freezer!

2. Now, make your weight loss goals. How much do you want to lose? Hmm, let’s say you want to lose 150 pounds. The important is to make it realistic. The normally is 2 pounds a week, then if you want to lose 80 pounds, you need 40 weeks (+10 months). Ok, maybe you think that is too long, but you should know that is permanent. Rather than you join a diet program that promise you losing weight quickly, but you will regain your weight back. (I suggest calorie shifting diet to help you lose weight quickly, healthy, safe, and permanent).

3. You need to make yourself better. If you have a problem just consult it with your doctor or diet consultant, and also your family. If you can’t avoid the junk food, read my article about Eat Fast food? Why not? You can see that all problems have a solution, so make yourself better, consult your problem with the expert.

You also can consult your weight loss problems with the people that already success in losing weight. Read the article/success story of these people and you will get high motivation in losing weight.

The conclusion is the important for losing weight is stay motivated. Keep yourself motivated, and you will be able lose weight, even it’s take a long time, make sure that it’s a permanent weight!


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