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Know your ideal weight

April 26, 2009

People always come to me asking how to losing weight fast. After that, I ask, ”Do you know what is your ideal weight?” Then they said “this”. After I count, with “that” weight, they are too skinny. I don’t know why they want get “that” weight. It’s not ideal weight.

WHO (World Health Organization) was suggest one method for determine your ideal weight according to BMI (Body Mass Index). And this is the course:

If your BMI <18 You are too skinny
If your BMI between 18.5 - 22.9 You are ideal
If your BMI between 23.0 - 26.9 You are over weight
If your BMI between 27.0 - 35 You are obesity
If your BMI between >35 You are morbid obesity, that can cause dead

Then, how to count your BMI? Simple, here is the formula: Weight (kg) / (tall (m) x tall (m))

Let’s say your weight is 60kg and your tall is 165cm, it’s become 60 / (1,65 x 1,65) = 22,038 that’s mean you are ideal.

Knowing your ideal weight is the first step in losing weight!


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