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What is Calorie Shifting - Why it's work - How does it work?

April 24, 2009

Now, calorie Shifting became hot topic in diet industry. But, what is calorie shifting? Well, calorie shifting created for make your metabolism work quickly for burning the fat, that’s why it suitable to the person that have slow metabolism. And this diet has a relation with the foods, the food you eat contains different value calorie, that’s why is called shifting the calorie. If you shift the calories intake in your body, your metabolism moves more quick without getting stuck in the same routine.

Why it’s work?
Well, you are going to eat the food you like and make you satisfied (with different of calorie values). Because you are not starving, your body will think that you are not in dieting than your metabolism will increase, help you in fat burning.

How does it work?

Your body gains weight because the intake of calories is larger than the calories we burn, not your eat portion. If you eat foods that contain 3,000 calories a day, then try eat foods contain 1,000 calories a day. Give your body different calories each day. If your output calorie is larger than calorie intake, you will gain your ideal weight as soon as possible.

This diet is completely different with low calorie diet. In low calorie diet you should avoid high calorie foods, but calorie shifting allow you to eat every kinds of food, including fat, as long as you keep shift the calorie.

This diet very unique because it tricks your metabolism to burn fat while your body doesn’t know that you are on the diet!

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