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Become Fat with eat free-fat?

April 24, 2009

The wrong perception in the society is “fat can make you fatter”. They begin to avoid every kind of fat, then consume the low fat, non-fat, fat-free, etc. After consuming that kinds of food, they get problem in gaining their ideal weight. They become fatter. They already avoid fat, but why they still gain more pounds?

Back to the earlier fact. “If your daily calorie intake bigger than your output, your body will change the unused calorie to the fat”. You need calorie for the energy in facing the day or doing all of your activity. Then after along day you only burn 1300 calories but you eat 1500 calories, your body will change another 200 calories become fat.

Well, the fact is in every kinds of food contains calorie. And these foods are typically calorie ridden and will actually make you gain more weight!Like in non-fat milk, non-fat yoghurt, low-fat biscuit, diet cola, etc. Low fat foods DO NOT equal weight loss.

That’s why you will get many pounds if still consume the food without counting the calorie.

In consume fat-free food, one thing that you should do is watch for the calorie. But don’t avoid the high calorie meals, because sometimes you need it for your daily activity. Count how much the calorie in the meals you eat.

Yup, I know with counting the calorie will make you very uncomfortable. But this is the best way for you to eat every meals do you like, including fat. Because eating fat is actually good for you!


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