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Secret of Lose weight without feel hungry

April 12, 2009

For all women, to get their ideal body, they will do everything. That’s why they even want to starving their self. They skip their meal, doing crash diet, exercise, etc. and I’m sure that they will complain hungry, hungry, and hungry. Then many of them decide to prefer overweight than feel hungry. Wow, how come? And I will open a secret (actually not a secret, it because only a few persons know it) that will help you losing weight without feel hungry.

“Eating regular meals and keeping yourself full is already help you in losing weight”

Yes, only eating regular, eat 3 times per day. And even I suggest you to eat more than 3 times, eat 5 times per day.

Ups… I’m sure you become confuse now. “Only eat 3 times per day already make me become fat, how about eat 5 times per day.” I’m sure that is in your mine now. Hmm, do you a friend that they eat much than you but still can have an ideal weight? Yes, I know you have. And do you ever ask to them what their secret can maintain ideal weight? Maybe, their answer is “I don’t know”.

Yes, that’s why I said that this is not secret but only few persons know it. Your friend didn’t know about this secret but they already apply it.

Eat 5 times per day. It will increase your body metabolism and active all the day. Also make stable insulin hormone and not make a new fat. If you eat less than 3 times, your body will active the survival instinct and burns fewer carbohydrate.

Even I said eat 5 times per day, it’s not mean you can eat everything. The ideal is 3 big meals per day and the other two is snack time.

The menu for big meals should contain carbohydrate (this is the important), low calorie, and high protein. Yes, you can include fat, but don’t too much. And for the snack time, choose the high fiber like fruits.

Don’t forget to drink water 8 glasses per day, it help you to burn calories. You don’t need the extreme exercise, just walk to office or walk with your dog.


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