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6 Mistakes in Losing weight

April 12, 2009

You must know the mistake in diet. Hopefully, after read this post, you will pay attention to your eat pattern.

The mistake is:

1. Stop feeling hungry

Yes, eat more can increase your weight, and when we hungry, we will try to not eat. That will decrease your body metabolism, slowly your fat burn, and decrease the energy that you need for face the day.

Hungry means your stomach is empty and your blood sugar become thin but your brain need it. If you keep doing that, you will fill whirling. And this include the people who eat 2 times per day. The right is eat 5-6 times per day, three times eat normal and three times snack for increase your body metabolism

2. Skip Breakfast

Intentionally or not, or habitually that is not good. Breakfast is the very important eat time. After sleep 8 hours without nutrient, our body need the breakfast and also face the long day with full energy. Skip the breakfast will cause your body take the energy from our muscle.

3. Not Dinner

Yup, we are not need the calorie when we want to sleep, but we need protein while we sleep. Because when we sleep the hormone will grow and our body will repair all the cells, and that need protein. You should consume the protein around 2-3 hours before sleep. And the expert suggests for drink casein protein before sleep for better protein absorption.

4. Not eat after sport

Eat after sport is important for our body. Imagine after we are crushing our house (sport) and then we call someone to repair it, but when the repairer come we not prepare the concrete brick and cement (we not eat). What happen? Our body will be broken. Better to eat real food maximal 1 hour after we sport for repairing our body.

5. Not enough drink water

Not enough drink water will increase you weight and decrease the nutrient digestion. Drink 2-3 liters per day.

6. Crash diet

Low fat diet, Low carbs diet, high protein diet. This kind of diet is not balance and can break your body function.

Fat can help us to absorb the vitamin A, D, E, K. if we not consuming the fat, our body will not enough this vitamins and cause the seriously illness. Not eat carbohydrate also danger for our body because we need that for the energy source. Our brain needs the energy.

The right diet is balance diet.

Just make your diet is a life style not the pressure.

Then after know your mistake in diet, you should check, did you do one of this 6 mistakes for reduce your weight.

If not, it’s mean you are in the right track, but if done one of this mistakes, you should correct it. Good luck.


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