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Calorie Shifting Diet

April 17, 2009

Many people spend their money for find the good diet program, diet plans, or supplement. Finally, they realize that it’s not work. And if work, it’s not work in long term. If you looking for the EASY, HEALTHY, work for LONG TERM, and FASTEST way in diet, Calorie Shifting is the answer.

Calorie Shifting is a diet that focus in eat patterns, not counting the calories or avoid the food. The purpose of Calorie Shifting is to generate the body’s fat burning process. It’s happen when you eat the different calorie values each day.

The Logic:
Calorie Shifting not allow you feel hungry or starving, that’s why you should eat 5 times per day (3 big meals and 2 snack times) with different sorts and combinations of calories contained in each food. Calorie Shifting is changing what you eat, the kinds of food, the nutrients and the calories you eat every few days to keep your body guessing. And when your body doesn't become accustomed to any eating regime, it stays in high-burning mode. So by rotating the calorie intake, your body will burn the eaten calories and then other things such as fat.

Calorie Shifting is the EASY ways
Yup, very easy. Because you will eat 5 times per day then you will not get hungry or starving yourself. Many people starving their self with decrease their eat portion or skip their meals for gain their ideal weight, and this is completely wrong. When you begin to decrease your eat portion, your body will think that you are in danger of famine. Your metabolism will work slowly and impact to your fat burn, that’s why you need eat 5 times per day, so your body will get confused. It is a trick to make your metabolism think that you are not dieting. With this way the metabolism doesn't slow down and you continue to lose weight.

Not only eat 5 times per day, you can eat what you want, even the fat. That’s why Calorie Shifting is the easy ways.

Calorie Shifting is the HEALTHY ways
You will not consume any kind of supplement or pills. You only need to eat healthy food. And you will not consume junk food or something like that, because in junk food contain empty calorie, empty calorie not means zero calorie. The empty calorie is the calorie that can’t change to energy, but will immediately change to the fat.

Calorie Shifting work for LONG TERM
With eat more than 3 times per day, your metabolism will stable. Then you never starve so it’s easy to trick with it for a long time. You can maintain your weight for long term.

Calorie Shifting is the FASTEST ways
Yup, with this method, your body metabolism running high and when done correctly, insures a fast and continuous fat loss. Most people in this diet can lose 5 pounds within 2 weeks.

This diet is much easier to maintain because you are always eating and not starving yourself. And after 2 weeks you are the new you .


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