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Best Exercise to Burn Fat

November 30, 2009

Best Exercise to Burn FatTo be more accurate, we're going to look at the best way to approach exercise in order to lose weight, the effective fat burning. You should know how your body uses both fat and glucose for its energy and how the way you exercise determines what type of energy source your body uses.

When we're exercising, our muscle burn both fat and glucose (the sugar in the blood) in different amounts. Your exercise should determine whether you burn more fat or burn more glucose.

When doing light exercise, we'll tend to burn more fat than glucose. Fat is a slow burning form of fuel. It needs oxygen in order to release its energy. So, if there is a good supply of oxygen to the muscles then the muscles are able to easily use fat for most of its energy requirements. Light exercise burns fewer calories and it can be a problem for weight loss.

If you increase your effort and do a more intense exercise, you will burn more calories. However, because oxygen doesn't always get to the untiring muscle cells in high enough amounts, your muscles cells will be forced to using more glucose for energy.

If the level of intensity continues to rise, then glucose will finally become the main energy source for your muscles, as glucose does not require oxygen in the way that fat does.

So, we need to exercise at a lower level of intensity, but for a longer duration. But, the problem here is that some people just don't have the time to commit to doing long fat burning workouts.

In order to burn fat effectively, you need to do smooth, uninterrupted movements. Try to develop a rhythmic style during your workouts. Breathing deeper, using greater lung capacity, will help fat burning. And don’t ever hold your breath while exercising.


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