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Menu Mediterranean Diet

November 26, 2009

menu mediterranean dietIf you are interested in Mediterranean diet, you should be informed about the menu Mediterranean diet. Menu Mediterranean diet consists of foods that are typically eaten in the Mediterranean region (Greece and Italy).

In Mediterranean diet, you can try a lot of different foods, including breads, fish, cereals, vegetables, fruits and a lot of olive oil. So, there is not only one monitory diet plan. It is just a type of food that participate in a diet and add a meaning to that diet plan.

One various feature of this diet plan is that its recipes are relatively high in fat. That's why there are many people avoid this diet plan, because they have jump the conclusion. However, fat is actually an essential part of a balanced diet and is very important to everyday functioning. If you look at the standard food pyramid you will see that a certain amount of fat is included.

The reason why this diet is healthy is quite simple: it is one that is high in good fat and low in bad fat. What dietitians call "bad" fat (or saturated fats) is the type that gains from animal fat. It has been shown to be very unhealthy for the human body, especially in large doses and on a frequent basis. On the other hand, "good" (or monounsaturated fat) comes from plants rather than animals, and as a result is far healthier to consume.

Emphasizing olive oil strongly in cooking will also make a significant difference. Since olive oil is low in bad fat and high in good fat it is a good source for fat intake, as well this olives also contain a high amount of antioxidants and are good for combating cholesterol. This combination makes this an extremely heart healthy diet in every way. Have a plan to join menu Mediterranean diet?


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