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Structured Cheating in Losing Weight

November 5, 2009

When you think of a diet, I’m sure you imagine about small, bland and boring foods? Diet is not about that, and diet also not about to stay away from your favorite foods. Well, if you go on a crash diet you are likely to have a strong craving for foods that are high in fat. In order to lose weight the sensible way you need to allow periods of time when you can consume the foods that you simply love.

I called this structured cheating. You don't need to avoid the foods you love until it figures up to a point that you can't handle it anymore and you pig out yourself on them. Instead, you remain in control and splurge at certain points in your diet - perhaps just as a reward for having been so good.

The reason why structured cheating works is that it's not the fact that "the food is high in fat", it is because you have too much of it. You will be able to have almost any food, just if it is in the right amount. As a matter of fact, some people have even lost weight eating fast food only by cutting back the amount to a small portion everyday (this is an illustration! not recommended!).

Here are some tips in order to lose weight:
1. List your foods of weakness. You need to accept the fact that there will be some foods that you will simply can't do with out. By being aware of what they actually are you can plan for when you use them in your diet.

2. Eat satisfying foods. It is important that you don't fill up on the high fat foods you love. Remember, you will be eating these in moderation. So, by filling up on foods like whole grains, fruit, vegetables and leans meat you won't get hungry later and splurge on your foods of weakness.

3. Go for flavor. When it is time to eat your splurge food, try for small portions but flavor packed. That way you'll fulfill your craving but with a small portion.


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