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Tummy Workouts

November 17, 2009

tummy workoutsIn this article I am going to share about tummy workouts. Because it’s time the right time to pay attention to your tummy and doing effective workouts to lose tummy fat (Christmas almost come). Read this article to learn how get the flatter tummy with the right and effective tummy workouts!

There are various workouts to lose tummy fat, but I only write two important workouts that will work effectively. Check it out:

1. Biking
Why not? Do the bicycle! Put this activities in the top of your workouts list. The motion lets you use all your tummy muscles and you will end up lean and mean.

Here's what you need to do. Lie flat on your back and lift both legs off the floor. Keep your legs at a 90 degree angle. Imitating the cycling motion, bring together one elbow and the opposite knee. At the same time, straighten the other leg. Switch legs and elbows to complete the set.

Make sure you pull your abs in. Keep them contracted while doing this workout. This will protect your back. Also, don't hold your breath and go slowly. Feel your muscles burn. Sixteen repetitions everyday would do it.

2. Crunch-ball
This is just like the standard crunch, but with a twist. Instead of lying on the floor, you do it on top of a workout ball. It's more challenging and more fun. You can really feel your tummy muscles burn. And like the bicycle, this is also an overall abdominal workout. It also does wonders for the legs and butt.

You have to make sure you keep things stable. This could be hard with a ball, but keep your feet firmly on the floor. Take care that you don't pull your neck.

Beside the workouts, of course, you need the healthy eating. You can try Negative Calorie Foods. This is the right time to lose the unwanted fat around your tummy. You will able to have a flatter tummy by doing these two effective tummy workouts. So let's get to it!


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