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5 Super Foods to Speed up Your Metabolism

November 13, 2009

FoodsEat more, lose more… Sound strange? It may not seem possible, but eating the right foods can help you to lose weight. You have known that starving yourself isn't the right way in losing weight and not a healthy weight loss plan. Who wants to eat bean sprouts and salads at every meal?

So, add these super foods to your plate today, and you will have a better chance of being slimmer and healthier in no time:

Super-Food #1: Steak
Beef has a reputation of being a bad for our diet, but it's a good choice for dinner when you want to shed unwanted pounds. People who include red meat into their diet generally lose more weight than those eating other foods of equal calories. As an added benefit, protein in steak helps retain muscle mass during weight loss.

Super-Food #2: Eggs
Eggs will help you trim inches without harming your heart. An egg each morning can allow you to lose twice as many pounds as the alternative of a bagel breakfast with the same number of calories. Egg protein is quite filling, so as a result you eat less later in the day. Omelets and scrambles are obvious choices, but if you can't cook before work, grab a soy-protein shake and save your eggs for the weekend.

Super-Food #3: Kale
Birds love it, and have you ever seen a fat bird? Kale should always find a place somewhere on your dinner plate. One cup contains only 34 calories while providing you with a hearty helping of iron and calcium. Not into kale's earthy flavor? Try spinach as an alternative. It's just as nutrient dense, but with a milder-taste.

Super-Food #4: Beans
Beans are the good sources of protein, fiber and iron. Navy, White, Kidney and Lima beans are all fat-burning foods. The only ones that you should limit are those baked and refried because they contain tons of saturated fat and sugar.

Super-Food #5: Buckwheat pasta
Who said carbohydrates are bad? However, you need them for fuel or else your body will start grabbing it from your muscles. Instead of going for plain noodles, try buckwheat. It is higher in fiber and unlike most carbohydrate-rich foods, it contains protein! These two nutrients make it very satiating, so it's harder to overeat than regular pasta.

Well, all of these foods should be accompanied with the regular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise burns calories and building muscle burns fat. Once you condition yourself to make healthier food choices and exercise every day, you'll be on your way to lose weight and keep it off.


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