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Diet Vs Exercise

November 4, 2009

Diet Vs ExerciseIt should be noted that diet program is the first step you should do when you want to lose weight. Any diet that we follow, whatever the appropriate, that is indicated by the congenital absence of such action on our body.

We must first know how the food works. Once you start to lose weight, you will probably notice results after a certain period of time. This reduction is mainly composed of pounds lost glycogen and water. This means reducing the pressure on the body fluids, which represents 70% of our weight. But for most, despite the continuing steady loss of body weight or fat that has changed little.

Such an approach is the largest in the diet and lack of results of this approach is beginning to emerge in the medium term and long term. Since organizations are often easy to recover the liquid mass, at the end, it appears that it is difficult to get rid of kilograms of body weight. Achieve our desired weight and be more difficult, and if we leave the diet, because this trend is likely to return to the weight.

Physical activity usually takes more time to influence body weight. Most people are aware of these difficulties, and so it would be better, depending on the diet to lose weight. Physical activity does not mean that everyone has access to time or additional cost of purchasing exercise equipment or joining the gym.

It cause us to stop using much practice as a tool for our purposes, weight loss, and as such is important for losing weight loss Ally. However, physical activities make our body release fat more easily than liquid, and ensure that the fat is burned, not restored quickly. It also tones the muscles lose fat, which were necessary in order to avoid losing weight after-look effect.

So it's not really a question of diet versus exercise. It’s about the combination! Although it may be difficult to incorporate physical activity into our daily practice, we are often aware that when there is no magic solution to lose weight. Weight loss is still required to stand well, and the only way to achieve this is through a permanent change in lifestyle.


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