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Fat Loss DNP

November 22, 2009

Fat Loss DNPFat Loss DNP (DiNitroPhenol) is a supplement to boost your metabolism by 50% and raise body temperature by several degrees. But, it is a dirty word among bodybuilders and gurus. Why I can say like that? Well, when one considers the jitters and hot flashes that accompany ECA (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin stack) use boost the metabolism only 3%, the true power of fat loss DNP begins to be realized.

Fat Loss DNP introduced by Dan Duchaine. In high-level bodybuilding, DNP is used to help advanced athletes lose a lot of weight in a very short amount of time. Most trainers or bodybuilders publicly come up against it. However, when hundreds of thousands in winnings are on the line, it's unknown how many athletes take the DNP route to lose fat fast.

Aside from increasing hunger and burning off the body fat, fat loss DNP has a few negative side effects. Brain damage and death can occur from the overheating. Well, DNP quickly raises your blood heat several degrees, and there isn't a cap to how much of a rise in temperature this can be. Consume too much DNP and die. That’s why I write this article to help you realize it and avoid it.

And cancer is another effect. Fat loss DNP is a phenol, which means it releases a lot of free radicals into the body. The effects of these free radicals, the compounds that cause cancer, are unknown because there haven't been many studies done upon people using DNP, as its use is generally close.

The minor side effects of fat loss DNP are luminary as well. Bodybuilders complain of sweating, discomfort, irritation, and insomnia. An odd side effect is yellow bodily fluids. Nobody knows quite why this occurs, or just how dangerous it is. Some bodybuilders (about 10%) have allergic reactions making the drug unusable. Others find themselves eating out of control.

Fat loss DNP is an unpredictable drug. For dieting, fat loss DNP are not recommended. DNP is a shortcut for quick losses in body fat - something that the intelligent bodybuilder avoids. Fat should be lost at a rate of 1-2 pounds per week, using tried-and-true safe methods. DNP is a dangerous shortcut that should be avoided.


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