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Be Careful with the Fad Diets

November 24, 2009

Majority of Americans are always either on a diet, just about to start a diet, or even just came off of a diet. They spend billions dollar a year trying to lose weight and every month there is another fad diet sweeping loads of money from people's wallets.

In a recent study done on 150000 individuals who were on some sort of fad diets, they tracked the progress and crunched the numbers to find out how many would gain back all their weight, a year after completing the diet.

Do you what the result? Well, 75% of the dieters regained all their weight just 12 months after completion of their diet of choice. The worst, 35% of that number gain more weight after 15 months off their diet. You can see that many fad diets are scam and do not work for long term.

Many fad diets work on a principle of either adding a particular type of food group to the diet or completely removing it. For the example, Atkins diet, this diet increasing protein intake and virtually elimination carbohydrates from the diet. You should know that many people have died from participating in this diet. I really confuse why there are many people are willing or are on this diet today.

This article could turn into a huge text book if I was to list all the fad diet have come out of the wood works, but I will spare you that nightmare.

Weight loss does not have to be this complicated, at the core of all fad diets is the incentive to make as much money off unsuspecting folks disparate for fat loss before they catch on to what is going on. To achieve permanent weight loss, you need a permanent change, a lifestyle change is required! This is involves change the way to eat and change your bad habits that caused your weight gain in the first place, and also change your exercise perform.

It’s about the commitment from you to lose weight forever or permanent, is to sat away from fad diets, this is your fist step to actually losing weight.


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