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Give Up the Soft Drinks If You Want to Lose Weight

November 2, 2009

Here the things that you should know:

“Depend on the size of soda dose may vary calories 100-300 calories and sugar content can vary 8.12 teaspoons. Because the average diet of young people and adults today, you'll see that most of the 3.5 bottles of drinking days.”

Increase from 300 - 1500 calories a day, but only 24-60 teaspoons of sugar a day. This is outrageous amount of calories and sugar, which is not a positive weight and influence of foods are not in medicine to strengthen the process of disease, such as 2-nd kind of diabetes. If you can’t instead of normal tap water to drink, you can lose much weight in this process.

Not only the weight you want, but should be removed from the toxic effects of extreme amount of sugar consumed each day by drinking. Sugar is true of any food and good health and should be used for average. Increase of child obesity in this country can increase one drink containing sugar, which is now served in many schools.

These drinks are not only found his way into the school, but also for many ordinary families to the table, in this country. There was only one time when milk or water was available the day. If you and your family can not remove the sugar in their drinks is an important step for each family to start the process, from weight and eat healthy.


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